February 2004

The online revolution

Many of the contributors to this ground-breaking adventure in online publishing come from print backgrounds, and are having trouble relating to the pros and cons of the new beast.

There are many positives to online publishing.

While we have no intention of being a vehicle for breaking news, we will be updating the site every weekend with new features, photographs, and tidbits for the Secrets section.

This is mainly so that we can give our writers [all freelancers, and with the trade's habit of waiting until the last minute] regular deadlines.

Our contact form is live 24 hours a day, year-round, and we anticipate this will become a focal point for readers to provide us with ongoing feedback.

As publisher I welcome not having to face regular, steep, and always-increasing printer's bills.

We also do not have to worry about the expenses and hassles of physical distribution and the continual headaches associated with dealing with newsagents nationwide, irregular returns, a mountain of paperwork and only a vague idea as to actual sales on any one day.

The Internet has enabled us to keep to high standards at a much lower cost. It also offers the exciting potential of video and audio.

Welcome to Volume I, Number I


Allan Moult
Editor & Publisher