Sizes & Rates

Leatherwood Online offers many innovative advertising solutions.

To keep things simple all advertisements are multiples of our 150x150 pixel modules, usually stacked vertically. Special branding rates apply to horizontal layouts on section cover pages.

Substantial discounts are offered for multiple units [as single advertisements or combinations] and for ongoing contracts.

Duplicate advertisements can be run elsewhere on the web site at a basic rate of just half the contracted rate for the original.

All bookings are for a minimum 3-months [or multiples thereof]

Prices valid until June 30, 2006 [GST not included]


Design & layout is provided free of charge, as are hot links to client web sites. Email addresses can also, in certain cases, be directly linked to the reader's email application.

All advertisers who enter a one-year contract are entitled to make minor changes to their advertisement at no cost once a quarter [this applies to changes such as new photography and/or text changes]. Other changes can be negotiated at any time. There will be no cost for essential changes such as contact changes. These changes can be submitted at any time through our ad maintenance contact form.

All advertisements are placed on leading pages for all editorial features. Ad positions are rotated on a regular basis.


Advertisements will be emailed to clients for final approval. Advertising provided direct from clients or ad agencies will have to be approved by our production department before being uploaded [file size limits apply].