In the beginning

In Spring, 1991, a colourful, beautifully-printed magazine called Leatherwood made its Tasmanian debut.

Sub-titled Tasmania's Journal of Discovery, it was immediately embraced by Tasmanians at home and abroad, and soon had subscribers in nearly 40 countries.

Its eclectic mix of stories by Tim Bowden, Margaret Scott, Greg Morgan, Liz McLeod, and a host of others, combined with stunning photography by Peter Whyte, Dave Watts, Ted Mead, Chris Bell, Peter Drombovskis, Richard Barren, Allan Moult, Jon Bryan, Joe Shemesh, et al, soon made it a must-read each quarter in Tasmanian households.

Leatherwood went on to win the Telecom & Tasmanian Government Small Business Award for 1993, the 1993 and 1994 Tasmanian Tourism Awards for Print Media, and the 1994 PICA gold award for Graphic Design [magazines], and the 1994 PICA award for Photography [with Rod Blakers' superb contributions].

Sadly, the winter of 1995 saw Leatherwood forced to close, the inevitable result of a massive internal fraud which finally took its toll. Its remaining physical assets were sold off, and some time later, 40 Degrees South emerged to carry on the print tradition.

Now in 2004, a number of the writers and photographers who contributed to those early print issues, as well as former readers and advertisers, have combined forces to bring an old friend back — in a format more in tune to the new millennium, and equally dedicated to taking its readers on journeys of discovery throughout Tasmania.

Welcome to We will embrace the same legacy of quality, and hope you too will enjoy the journey ahead.

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