Tasmania's journal of discovery: Antarctica

Antarctic jade ice
IMAGES FROM A FROZEN LAND | Andy Townsend and Lyn Irvine have produced a stunning calendar to celebrate their visits to Antarctica and we have an exclusive look here

INTO THE MAW OF BIG BEN | volcanologist and geologist Dr Graeme Wheller recalls his journey to Australia's only volcano on isolated Heard Island. There's more here.

A SPECIAL JOURNEY | Doug Thost's beautiful portfolio is the perfect introduction to our new section on Antarctica. Indulge yourself here.

HARD YAKKA | Some working days for the scientists measuring the effects of global warming on the Heard Island glacial mass involved hiking 10km with full packs and climbing 1000m — the equivalent of climbing from Salamanca Place on Hobart's waterfront to the summit of Mt Wellington. More here. [Doug Thost photograph]

SELF PORTRAIT AT DEPTH | This inquisitive deepwater squid triggered the underwater camera being towed by the Aurora Australis during the Heard Island expedition. See the Heard Island Expedition story here.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER | A bleak environment on Heard Island is home to many species of hardy seabirds, including this Giant petrel chick being fed in the nest. More here.

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Historically, Tasmania has always been Australia's gateway to Antarctica.

Leatherwood Online, Tasmania's Journal of Discovery, has joined forces with the Australian Antarctic Division to celebrate the remarkable history of exploration of our bleak, but magnificent, southern outposts — Antarctica, Macquarie Island and Heard Island — and to document the ongoing and ground-breaking research that focuses on these remarkable places.


Our muddy friend stars in a new portfolio of photographs from the ice lands.


Heard Island is home to large populations of mammals, especially elephant seals and fur seals

A fascinating variety of water birds call Heard Island home, including this pensive skua.

Mother love from a rockhopper penquin, one of the four species found on Heard Island.

Despite horrendous weather conditions, a suprisingly diverse range of plants populate isolated Heard Island.





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