Leatherwood Online
Tasmania’s Journal of Discovery
ISSN 1449-2180

volume 3 • 2006

Editor & Publisher
Allan Moult

Associate Editor
Patsy Hollis

Contributing Editors
Matt Newton • Nick Osborne • Peter Whyte • Tim Dub

Sub Editor
Jo Carswell

Peter Adams • Julia Clark • Helen Cushing • Liz McLeod
Matt Newton • Graeme Phillips • Elaine Reeves • Willie Simpson
Dustin Hollick • Shelley Powers • Patsy Hollis • Tim Dub

Peter Whyte • Rob Blakers • Paul County • Maria Fletcher
Steve Lovegrove • Allan Moult • Alan Moyle • Geoff Murray
Matt Newton • Nick Osborne • Adam Quarrell • Don Stephens
Stuart Gibson

Food Editor
Liz McLeod

Poetry Editor
Lindsay Tuffin

Digital Imaging Consultant
Alan Waugh

Business Manager
Ben Lohberger


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