Schedules & Statistics


Since our launch in February 2004, Leatherwood Online has enjoyed a continuous upward trend in unique visitor numbers, and in the number of pages viewed. For example, there were more than 22,000 unique visitors to Leatherwood Online for the month of May 2005, and they averaged over six pages per visit.

Judging by our visitor trends we should be averaging 28-30,000 unique visitor per month by the end of the year. That means more than 300,000 unique visitors on an annual basis.

Also, our log analysis programme shows that we get an average of 1.47 visits per unique visitor in any one month. That shows that Leatherwood Online readers keep coming back to their favourite online magazine.

Publishing Schedules

Leatherwood Online is an ongoing publication — with no deadlines — but demanding publishing schedules. Updates are continual, for editorial and advertising. Welcome to the new media.


A web site like Leatherwood Online is a complex creature, and in this section we share, in the spirit of the web, the bits and pieces that help us keep it all together

Here's where you will find the people and software that make it all possible.

For advertisers, and editiorial contributors alike, you've come to the right place to explore what we have to offer.


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