Help us discover Tasmania

We welcome contributions from writers, photographers and illustrators. Our sub-title is Tasmania’s Journal of Discovery, and we ask that you keep it in mind before submitting your ideas.

Our main areas of interest are:

Arts & Crafts
For a small island, Tasmania produces a disproportionate number of Australia’s best writers, photographers, artists, poets, and skilled craftspeople. We will be exploring all aspects of this creative cauldron.

Food & Wine
Equally, Tasmania enjoys a high national and international profile for its superb foodstuffs and wines. The hospitality industry is also being boosted by the growth in tourism, which is demanding more and more trained staff.

Travel & Leisure
From adventure travel and wilderness destinations, to leisurely wine tours and historic bed and breakfast accommodation, we intend to cover all aspects of this important segment of our island economy.

History & Heritage
Our island has a rich history and there are many stories and sagas to share.

Initiative and enterprise are two keystones of Tasmania’s unique lifestyle. We will be looking far and wide for these special stories.

Tasmania has more than its share of special ‘secrets’ — often based solely on local knowledge. We’re asking you to share yours.

Tasmanian Stories
A broad canvas is available here. Check out our current and past stories in the section as a guidelines to topics.

Our contact page is just one way we intend keeping in touch with our readers worldwide. Here you are able to contact any department of Leatherwood Online.

Tasmania’s links with the icy continent are strong and growing, and is an important source of material.


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