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At sea with Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall’s eclectic designs almost defy description. His amazing work is featured in an inspiring gallery shown here.

7000BC and beyond

Patsy Hollis surveys a remarkable collection of ceramics and other artefacts spanning the history of China from the Neolithic era to today, which has now found a permanent home in Tasmania. Feast your eyes here.

Out of destruction

Marcus Tatton creates statuary from the debris of clearfelled forest. With his two chainsaws, affectionately known as ‘Constantine’ and ‘Claes’, he carves monumental tributes to life from the chaos around him. More here.

Tree Hugs

Dawn Csutoros is the driving force behind the Tree Hugs project — a vast logistical challenge which brought together Tasmanians, and people from all round the world, and from all walks of life, to knit patches of red which were finally stitched together and wrapped around old growth forest in the Styx Valley. The knitting clicks here.

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