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Absolutely classic

By Emily Davey | Tasmania, of late, is realising its potential in the surfing world, and rightly so. After years of being kept a very good secret — our waves, our environment, our island and, most importantly, our surfers, are being exposed for what they really are: absolutely classic.

One thing that is consistently evident throughout our island state is the down-to-earth nature of the surfing community.

This is expressed through wide appreciation of Tasmania’s natural beauty. Local photographer Stuart Gibson has captured this beauty time after time and is now sharing our state’s best breaks with the world. 

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Call of the Wild

Rob Blakers is one of Tasmania’s most accomplished wilderness photographers, and he waits with immense patience for the perfect moment. Share his two new portfolios here

Inspiring Freycinet Peninsula

Contributing Editor Rob Blakers spent many years capturing the images featured in this special portfolio from his latest book Freycinet. Indulge in more images here

Tasmanian seduction

Michael Dempsey had explored most of Victoria’s national parks before visiting Tasmania in 1997. The State, he says, “had an edge and wildness that the mainland didn’t, and when the chance came to work and live here, there were no second thoughts”. See more of his travels here

A special journey

Doug Thost’s beautiful portfolio is the perfect introduction to our new section on Antarctica. Indulge yourself here

The last wilderness

Editor Allan Moult shares images from a 22-day walk through the Southwest National Park, a journey he says he could easily have extended for another 22 days. See more here

Antarctic adventure

Andy Townsend and Lyn Irvine have produced a stunning calendar to celebrate their visits to Antarctica and we have an exclusive look here

The majestic Tarkine Wilderness

Contributing Editor Rob Blakers, one of Tasmania’s most outstanding wilderness photographers, explores the coastal fringes of the West Coast, a bleak, but diverse wildscape. More here

An island of beauty

As Geoff Murray says in the introduction to his portfolio: “Tasmania’s wild areas deserve to be cared for and nurtured. We have a unique blend of wild and beautiful landscapes, but it is all too easy to forget just how special it is.” See why here

Wild inspiration

John Chapman’s meticulously researched guidebooks have become essential reading for bushwalkers across Australia — and especially Tasmania, a personal favourite destination accounting for nearly half the average 52 days a year he spends camping out. And, he’s been doing it for 34 years. Here we feature his favourite photographs of Tasmania. Enjoy them here

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