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Eloquent Objects

Eloquent Objects
The Wongs’ Collection of Chinese Antiquities and Artefacts
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
ISBN 0-9750545-4-6

In keeping with the munificence of the donation by Professor Shiu Hon and Mrs Nancy Wong of their lifetime collection of Chinese ceramics and other artefacts, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery has published a book to commemorate the event. 

That’s a simple explanation of what is a handsome volume, handsomely produced and illustrated, and a wonderful memento of this significant gift to the people of Tasmania.

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Claiming Ground

Claiming Ground:
twenty-five years of Tasmania’s Art for Public Buildings Scheme
Published by Quintus Publishing
ISBN 1 176832 35 5

“Tasmanians can be proud of the Art for Public Buildings Scheme. It began in 1979 and was the first scheme of its kind in Australia.”

So wrote the Hon Lara Giddings MHA, Minister for the Arts, in her Foreword to this softcover book, which is the result of a great deal of collaboration among a great many people.

Artists and designers for one. The scheme has now commissioned more than 800 artworks — with 80 of them chronicled in this book published in 2005, a rollcall of who’s doing interesting work in Tasmania and where to see the pieces themselves.

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