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Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Published by Wilderness Photo
ISBN 0-9579744-1-8

Freycinet Peninsula is a delicate finger of land 50 kilometres long, pointing at the southern ocean. At its tip is Schouten Island, the last hurrah of land before hitting Antarctica.

Freycinet evokes pictures of serenity. The pure, sweet curve of Wineglass Bay, rimmed with white sand, safely cradled within rocky headlands. The majestic granite boulders on steep slopes and along the coast, formed by water washing soil away, napped with vivid orange growths.

This is the rich glowing colour caught in many of Rob Blakers’ superb photographs.

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The Heart of the World


The Heart of the World — Antarctica
By Coral Tulloch
Published by ABC Books
ISBN 0 7333 0912 7

This is supposed to be a book for children, and Coral Tulloch is well-known as an author and illustrator of children’s books. However, in this book — written after a round-trip voyage on the Aurora Australis and published by ABC Books as part of their admirable library of books for younger readers — she fulfills a role that means the reader’s number of years is immaterial.

For here is a wonderful introduction to Antarctica — a compendium of Antarctic exeriences that Coral, and others she quotes in its pages, helps bring the ice-bound continent to life — and age has nothing to do with it. Should you be so lucky as to be going into the deepest south on a tourist ship or maybe a tourist flight, or if you just want to know more about the world’s largest continent, then this is a book for you.

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Shooting the Franklin

imageShooting the Franklin
Early canoeing on Tasmania’s wild rivers
By Johnson Dean
ISBN 0-9581744-0-7

If there is an impression that extreme sports are the product of today, this book alone will change that perception.

Just to read of the adventures (there’s no other word) of the young Tasmanian Johnson Dean and his various intrepid companions as they battled against the wild rivers of the island’s Southwest will have you debating whether they were lunatics or brave. Or both. 

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