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Tasmania’s wild foods

By LIZ McLEOD and BERNARD LLOYD | A country’s cuisine, like its culture, emerges from its forests; from the things that grow in that place and the way they grow, especially the things that grow only in that place: the endemic ingredients. Explore Tasmania’s wild foods.

Vintage 2005 is a winner

The last grapes are in, most varieties are already safely in tank or barrel and winemakers throughout Tasmania are thrilled with the 2005 vintage results.

“Up there with our best ever,” said contract winemaker Andrew Pirie.

“On the whole, better than the exceptional 2000 vintage,” according to Julian Alcorso of Winemaking Tasmania.

Michael Vishacki of Panorama Vineyard in the Huon — “Exceptionally good. The best I’ve seen.”

“Brilliant”, said BRL Hardy’s Bay of Fires winemaker, Fran Austin in Pipers River.

Continued …

Chocolate nirvarna

Continuing their search for the perfect Tasmanian dessert, our intrepid tasters have discovered a stunning chocolate dish, and managed to inveigle the secret ingredient out of the chef. More here

Chef’s business

Sumptious natural resources from this ‘clean, green’ island provide a rich palette of tastes, textures and colour for its enterprising and innovative chefs. In recognition of this fusion Leatherwood Online is inviting our leading chefs to share their favourite recipes using Tasmanian ingredients. More here

A century of cheddar

A remarkable cheese with a history that dates back four generations is still made the same way today in northern Tasmania. Jon Healey, a fourth generation dairy farmer/cheesemaker, has carried on a proud family tradition with the Pyengana Cheese Factory, which he opened in 1992 as a mere 23-year-old. here

Lemon, vanilla and a spark of rhubarb

The Sweet Debate continues with ambrosial fervour. The latest contribution comes from Simon West, head chef of Meadowbank Estate who has come up with a tantalising combination. More here

Flushed by success

One of the world’s tastiest game birds thrives at Redbanks Fish and Field, Lindsay White’s and Ian Cook’s 3500 acre fishing and hunting establishment at Nugent, 20 km inland from Sorell, and international shooters have disovered its unique qualities. Read more here

An eccentric tradition

Paul County’s award-winning photographs of Tasmania’s flamboyant restaurateurs, waiters, and bon vivants makes for fascinating viewing in this portfolio. Find out more

The grapes of success

Follow the common thread between a septuagenarian Chinese market gardener, a Yugoslav immigrant panel beater from Melbourne, a dentist, and an organic bean grower from California. This Tasmanian success story emerges here

Mushroom magic

Food Editor Liz McLeod and Contributing and photographer Peter Whyte get to grips with the gourmet fungi that Tasmanians have embraced with gastronomic fervour. Find out more here

Black Gold

BLACK GOLD | At up to $2000 a kilogram, the black truffle has become a valuable addition to Tasmanias’ growing culinary resources. Graeme Phillips has the story here

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