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Tasmania rocks

A climbing road trip to Tasmania had its challenges for Phil Box and his mates from Queensland — including a cold snap that demanded they wear all their clothes at the same time, and an errant rock that nearly ended Phil’s climbing days. He has more to say here

Bike heaven

There’s no better way to see Tasmania than by bicycle. Every second year there’s a Great Tasmanian Bike Ride that attracts cyclists from all around the world to partake of our island’s scenery and hospitality. For one keen participant’s reminiscences read more here

Surfing the ‘Ledge’

Dustin Hollick & Stuart Gibson drop in on the fanatical surfers who take on the massive power of the big ones at the ledge — a surfing mecca in southern Tasmania that delivers some of Australia’s biggest waves. There’s more here

Adventure: Bathurst escape

Matt Newton and his paddling partners scud across the calm waters of Bathurst Harbour in the South West wilderness — before the gale. Find out more here

A tricycle made for two

For Kevin and Aimee Beimers, two young Canadians who made their way around Australia on a tandem recumbent tricycle, Tasmania was the ultimate challenge — and reward. Pedal on here

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