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“We are making a new world”


"Cruel Tasmania, an island of secrets, threats, lies; of an often pitiless exploitation of both its own land and its own people, has wounded Richard Wastell into an extraordinary response — a series of beautiful paintings and drawings inspired by the ongoing clear-felling of Tasmania’s old growth forests.” There’s more here …

History in the making


When Professor Wong Shiu Hon and his wife Nancy made a second donation of Chinese antiquities to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery they gave us more than art. Beautiful though they are in themselves, these objects have an even greater significance. More here

Art meets science


Art met science when visual artist Peter E Churak was awarded a Synapse Art and Science Residency at CSIRO Marine Research in Hobart. From many hours of underwater video and hundreds of stills, Churak created a sensational short film — Aqualux II. See the results here.

Tribute to a Tasmanian Tiger

imageMargaret Scott, literary icon of Tasmania, human rights activist, ABC television panellist with gently understated but devastating humour, died at the age of 71 on Monday, August 29.

Born in Bristol, England in 1934, she emigrated to Tasmania in 1959 and subsequently took up the position of head of the University of Tasmania’s English Department.

She retired in 1987 to pursue her writing of novels, magazine articles and, most notably, poetry.

Margaret Scott was particularly asscociated with the Port Arthur community and the arts community.

We will miss her.

Continued …

Journey through time

By PATSY HOLLIS | For his master’s degree in Arts, Design and Environment from the University of Tasmania Fine Arts, ceramicist Ben Richardson created not only monolithic pieces but also the photographs and the words that inspired each one. There’s more here

Not far from here


Hobart-based painter, Richard Wastell, thanks to a commission from the Devonport Regional Gallery, has produced an sell-out exhibition of paintings that capture the essence of the Tasmanian wilderness, its extraordinary beauty and also its vulnerability and the desecration wrought upon it by man. Read more here

Out of devastation

Marcus Tatton

Marcus Tatton creates statuary from the debris of clearfelled forest.  With his own two chainsaws, affectionately known as ‘Constantine’ and ‘Claes’, he carves monumental tributes to life from the chaos around him. More here

Chinese masterpieces

imageA remarkable collection of ceramics and other artefacts spanning the history of China from the Neolithic era to today has found a permanent home in Tasmania. In 2003, Professor Wong Shiu Hon and his wife Nancy gifted to the people of Tasmania their extraordinary and comprehensive collection of Chinese art objects and antiquities. Some 117 pieces were included in the first gift &emdash; there is more to follow.  Feast your eyes here.

The Tree Hugs Project


Artist Dawn Csutoros tells the intriguing story of the year-long Tree Hugs Project which got Tasmania knitting to help save the old-growth forests of The Styx Valley. Read more here.

A Time to Eat


Paul County’s award-winning photographs of Tasmania’s flamboyant restaurateurs, waiters, and bon vivants makes for fascinating viewing in this portfolio. Find out more here.

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