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Absolutely classic

By Emily Davey | Tasmania, of late, is realising its potential in the surfing world, and rightly so. After years of being kept a very good secret — our waves, our environment, our island and, most importantly, our surfers, are being exposed for what they really are: absolutely classic.

One thing that is consistently evident throughout our island state is the down-to-earth nature of the surfing community.

This is expressed through wide appreciation of Tasmania’s natural beauty. Local photographer Stuart Gibson has captured this beauty time after time and is now sharing our state’s best breaks with the world. 

Click here for Stuart’s must-see Shipstern portfolio

His countless efforts often involve hours of travelling via car, boat and foot to spectacular destinations. Yet it is his unique individual style, often involving the use of a fish eye lens, that sets Stuart’s photos apart from the rest.

The passionate 22 year old has raised the profile of our top surfers immensely — along with our state in the surfing realm – and deserves all credit for his efforts. His work has been published nationally and is regularly found in one of Australia’s top surfing magazines, Australia’s Surfing Life.

His photos have also appeared in an Aloha advertisement, The Herald Sun, The Mercury and on various websites.

Having surfed on and off his whole life, Stuart is comfortable in his ocean work environment and has accumulated knowledge of Tassie’s surfers, top spots, and differing wave shapes. It is no wonder the freelance photographer is rapidly climbing to the top of his profession — despite only starting out with a camera 18 months ago.

Tasmania’s most notorious break, Shipstern Bluff, has been named in the top ten list of the world’s heaviest waves – it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. While Tassie’s coastline is ruled with beach breaks, reefs, river mouths and points, bearing classic waves, Shipstern is tucked away down south, letting in only the true adventurer. A two-hour drive (from Hobart) followed by a one-and-a-half hour trek, and a big southern ocean groundswell is required in order to experience our island’s greatest pearl.

Stuart captures the monstrous, short, thick, right reef break off south-east Tasmania on camera by regularly putting himself in the impact zone.

Visit Stuart Gibson’s web site

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