Portfolio: Michael Dempsey

"Tasmania offers great visual splendour. The island ensures I am never
bored, with landscapes ranging from the temperate wilderness of the
west to the wildlife-rich national parks on the east coast, overlaid
with varying beauty of each season. It has places I return to again and
again, and still come away with a sense of the new.

"I quite often go bush to a beach or a mountain, but am just as happy
simply being on the track — happy if I don’t get to a particular
destination, peering into the grander web and understanding a little
more each time about this magnificent place."

Michael Dempsey lives in Hobart, moving here in late 1999 from
Melbourne, having explored most Victorian national parks. He first
visited Tasmania in 1997, and found the island had an edge and wildness
that the mainland didn’t. When the chance came to work and live here,
there were no second thoughts.

Michael is not professional photographer, taking his phtographs for the
sheer enjoyment. He uses Fuji slide film, a Canon EOS and a sturdy