Tasmania's journal of discovery: Antarctica

Bahai centre of learning
| An impressive new Centre for Learning is being constructed by the followers of the Bahá'í faith on what was formerly the ABC parking lot in Hobart. More here

TASSIE SHEEP FARMER RUGS UP | What do prayer flags fluttering at the top of mountain pass in Tibet have to do with a fifth generation Tasmanian sheep farmer? Find out here

A HERBAL OASIS | Lindy Campbell's passion is herbs, and through hard work and dedication she has transformed her love for these exotic plants into a fulltime business. Read more here

OLIVE'S HERB GARDEN | Stone walls do make a prison, but for a number of women incarcerated at Risdon, a herb garden backed by an escapist mural, became a symbol of a free and productive life in the future. More here

CLIMAX OF A CANINE CAREER | The Supreme Australian Sheep Dog Championships are hard-fought competitions,as their name might suggest. Tim Dub was on hand to record their finesse and finality. More here

WHEN THEY TALK OF RIVERS | Matt Newton takes a mystical, magical voyage up the mighty Franklin River in a 60-year-old piner's punt, retracing the journeys of the hard men of old who tackled the wild river in search of Huon pine. Start here

UNFENCED AND FREE | Contributing editor Matt Newton has launched his first book — Shack Life — a series of evocative photographs that are a tribute to an endangered but endearing symbol of Tasmania. Escape to “the shack” has been a ritual on weekends and holidays for many people in this state but, sadly, those days may be coming to an end. Make your own escape here

THE GIANT SQUID | OLIVER ROBB, SHELLEY POWERS & LIZ TURNER explore the myths, facts and fantasies surrounding Architeuthis dux, a creature of the deep that can truly raise a stink. There's a lot more to it here, here and here.

MIGHTY DEMONS: TALK OF THE TOWN | ADAM QUARRELL spent the 2003 season following the North Hobart Football Club with his camera. The highs and lows are all here.

WILDERNESS PIONEER | GEOFF LAW talks to Jessie Luckman AO, who joined the Hobart Walking Club in 1936 and, when he spoke to her in her 90s, was still a member. Jessie fought to protect the wonderful untrod wilderness she helped explore. Some causes were lost but others, like the fight to save the Franklin, were won. Read more here.

SPIRITS OF TASMANIA | Flying into Hobart for the first time in her life, Ami Onoe looked down from the plane and said to herself, “here is just heaven”. In what some would call an astonishing leap of faith, Ami, who was a successful potter artist living near Tokyo, decided in 1997 to make her home in Tasmania. Her story continues here

REELING THEM IN | After decades in the advertising industry Roger Butler finally decided to call it quits and go fishing — fulltime. Today, he has clients from all continents employing his services to help them catch trout in Tasmania's renowned trout waters. More here

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