Tasmanian Journey

By ALLAN MOULT | Tasmanian Journey is an hour-long tribute to Tasmania compiled from evocative visual film footage shot over two years.

A Huon Valley couple, Mike Sampey and Ros Barnett are the creative duo behind this production, the first, they say, of many more film tributes to out favourite island.

Music by Grieg, Strauss, Shostakovich, and Chopin, beautifully played by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; Rachmaninov by the Sydney Philharmonic Choirs, and original compositions by homegrown guitarist Cary Lewincamp accompany the visuals — which meander creatively from stunning scene to scene.

Morning Mood shows the island awakening, and the tranquil mood continues with Wilderness Flight as the morning mist gradually lifts, and segues into Rainforest Tracks.

Tasmanian Gothic shows off our historial buildings, and there is a reality check in Forsaken which visits our convic past.

The mood soon lifts again in Coasting, with its uplifting journeys along our spectacular coastline. The comes the Lair of the Sea Dragon, with almost poetic underwater visuals showing these strange denizens of our shallow seagrass paddocks going about their leisurely-paced daily business.

There's a change of pace with the Shearer's Quickstep with its loving look at our rural heart, and Life's a Beach makes a suitable endnote — displaying our magnificent empty beaches in their many moods.

Mike and Ros are deservedly proud of this presentation, the first in a hopefully long series celebrating the Tasmanian journey.

And the good news is that filming has already started on Tasmanian Journey by Train [with Tasmanian writer Franz Docherty narrating].

A third 'tasty morsel' is in the planning stage. ¶

For more information visit their web site here