Portfolio: Kim Rumbold


Kim Rumbold, winner of the 2004 Premier's Dombrovskis Wilderness
Award for her evocative photography, recently visited the 'grand old
granite island' of Flinders for the portfolio we feature here, although, as
she describes it, "Mother nature was at ... well ... not her prettiest for
most of my fortnight's stay".

Undaunted she set off on a mission to record Flinders' dramatic coastal
scapes, despite a full-blown storm and wind so strong that her eyes
would run and the viewfinder was a blur.

As she writes: "A glimpse of beauty at sunrise, then back to gloom; my
clothes whipped frantically against my body as I positioned my tripod.
But the mornings were by far the best, with bursts of light and colour
filling the air with excitement. My shutter clicked with glee as I came
across white sandy beaches lined with cyrstal clear water, lichens
lingering on sea-worn boulders and sea birds scurrying for their catches.

"Flinders is an island full of secrets, spectacular and far from the modern
city's buzz. A place to watch the land and sea and their ever-changing moods."


Kim is a graduate in Fine Arts Photography from the Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart,
and was winner of the Student Award Photographic International Photography
magazine in 1999 and runner-up in the Minolta People Competition Australian
Photography Magazine in 1998. She has appeared in several group exhibitions
and now has her own business, specialising in wedding, portrait
and landscape photography.